Connect Academy began as a community outreach initiative in the township of Khayelitsha, Cape Town. 

Since 2014 we have progressed from there to using our own high performance centre as a hub for professional, sporting and personal growth. 

The ongoing development of so many of the young people in our programme from those early days has driven us to create an environment that  meets new demands, allowing them to unlock their full potential, on and off the sports field, into the professional adult world. 

Your support is critical to us achieving this with a host of sponsorship, donation and partnership opportunities available.

We use a hands-on, holistic approach with those in our care, engendering a caring yet challenging environment that encourages them to be ambitious, independently-minded people.

This is achieved through three distinct methods: 

Our playing pathway supports those that display the aptitude and desire to become a playing professional in their chosen sport. 

With that dream not coming true for so many for myriad reasons, our non-playing pathway is essential in generating long-term employment opportunities in the wider sports industry and beyond. 

We also combine the two approaches above, giving those with the ability but not the immediate opportunity the best possible chance of sporting, professional and personal success.

Connect Academy’s primary commitment remains to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, with our ambition to prove that high performance and youth development are neither mutually exclusive, nor at the expense of long-term welfare. 

In fact, they represent an essential combination in a country still divided by inequality, with the next generation of South Africans at the heart of righting the wrongs of the past.

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Connect is a registered non-profit company (registration number: 2012/057683/08) with PBO status. We are able to issue Section 18(A) certificates on all applicable South African donations.

Account Name: Connect Community Development

Bank: FNB

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